How Do I Change Oil And Filter In 2004 Honda Rancher 4 Wheeler?


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I changed the oil on my 2004 Honda Rancher 4 wheeler today, if you have the owners manual it shows you starting on page 143. If not buy an oil filter from Honda it is about $14.00. Beware it is just the filter no housing. Under the engine the oil drain plug takes a 11/16 ratchet. Drain the oil. Now move to the right side of the bike. 1/2 inch ratchet remove the oil filter bolt. The oil filter cover pulls off, does not need to be twisted. Some more oil will drain beware. Replace the filter and reconnect. The owners manual gives torque requirements for the bolts.
Oil filter bolt torque 13 lbf-ft
Oil drain plug 18lbf-ft
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I would like to note that one of the previous posters is incorrect about the oil change intervals.  While 3,000 miles may work on a car/truck/other on-road vehicle, Honda recommends that you change the engine oil on your ATV aka 4 wheeler every 500 miles.
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A vehicles oil and oil filter is the main thing in any vehicles engine component. You need to change the oil of your 2004 Honda rancher 4 wheeler, at regular intervals 3000 miles or 3 months which ever is earlier. To change your motor oil and filter, first look for the oil filter; it is usually found around the oil pan of the engine. Remove the oil filter by turning it anti-clockwise with an oil filter removal wrench or a big locking wrench. Make sure you don protective gloves and equipment to protect your eyes while replacing

After removing the oil filter, let the oil drain into the oil drain container. On the new oil filter install a little amount of motor oil onto the rubber gasket of the new oil filter. Then reinstall new oil filter by turning it clockwise until it is tightly secure. Remove the oil pan drain plug with the help of wrench, turning the drain plug anticlockwise. Grab the oil drain plug when it becomes dislodged.
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To change the oil of your 2004 model Honda Rancher four-wheeler, you need an oil pan, a funnel, a new can of oil, an oil filter and a wrench or socket wrench which is adjustable. The oil in your car can be changed by raising your car with the help of a jack and getting under the car with the oil pan and the wrench.

The plug can be unscrewed with the help of a wrench and the oil pan must be kept under the plug. When the plug is unscrewed, the oil will flow out rapidly. The filter must be changed every time the oil is changed. The oil filter must be unscrewed and kept aside as it could be full of oil. The surface of the housing of the old oil filter must be wiped clean.

The new filter is installed and secured firmly but not stiffened in order to prevent the distortion of the gasket, thereby resulting in a leakage. The cap of the oil filter, which is located on the top of the valve cover, must be unscrewed and the oil must be poured into it, depending on the amount of engine oil which is specified in the user's manual of your car.

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