How Do I Add Freon To My Dodge Neon?


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To be honest I would always advise taking your car to a mechanic to get anything like this done. Although it can be done at home; unless you know what you are doing you could end up doing more damage than good, resulting in an even more significant cost. It is not a straight forward task and requires equipment and an understanding of the workings and parts of the car. I would suggest that since you are asking the question, you may not know enough about the car to do this safely.

If you feel you do have a good knowledge of the car there are step-by-step instructions on the following website; In addition to this you can ask real Dodge mechanics specific questions; they will ask you for the model and year of the Dodge Neon in question and will be able to tell you exactly what equipment will be needed and how to fit the Freon to your particular car. Make sure when you contact the site that you have as much information as possible to hand as the mechanics tend to be online and will answer your questions in a kind of live chat screen. Having information to hand will speed the process.

Before you start working on the car, make sure that you are certain you have all of the required equipment and try and work out, before taking anything apart, what you will need to do. If you feel confident you understand what is required then go for it, however, if you are slightly unsure, like I said, I would advise getting a mechanic to do it for you.
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Get R 134a refrigerant. Start the car and turn the AC to maximum. Add refrigerant by accessing the blue port on the refrigerant line under the hood. Add refrigerant according to the ambient air temperature. This is listed on the can of refrigerant or in the handy little guide you can get from Auto zone. Usually around 35-45 PSI.
You can buy the refrigerant with the gauge and hose for around 25 bucks. The hose attaches to the access port like a compressor hose fitting. Hope this helps.
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The first guy doesn 't know what he's talking about.  A shop will charge you a $70 diagnostics fee, just to see why the car needs more freon.  Then will charge $100 and hour and the cost of the freon, which could run you about $300 total. If its not blowing as cold, it could have a small leak in the system which is hard to find, but you can diagnose it yourself.   And you don't need a license to buy r134a freon at an auto parts store.  Usually it takes anywhere from 1 - 4 12 oz cans to recharge the system and a can costs about $10. Here is a good link that shows you everything you need to know.  Make sure you add 3-4 ounces of ester oil or PAG to your freon mix, or your compressor will go out faster.
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Take it to a quick lube place that offers ac recharging. Unless you know what you are doing, you'll mess it up. You need gauges, scale and a license to buy the refrigerant. You can buy those little bottles at the auto parts store but you can only buy so many before you must show your epa license. You need 134a refrigerant in an automobile system. Pay the 80.00 and have it done right.
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I just added freon to my 98 Dodge Neon with your instructions & the web site you provided. It was very eassy to do, Thanks Guest457447.

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