How Do I Reset Oil Reminder On Cub Cadet?


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The oil reminder is an automatic function of the Cub Cadet lawn mower. It does not need to be reset and does not come with the option to reset it. The meter should reset itself once the oil has been changed.

It is important to know how the meter functions so that you know when to change the oil. The LCD display should read the letters, 'CHG' and 'OIL', when the oil needs changing. The letters 'CHG' simply mean 'change'. These letters are followed by the time of use of the mower. This message will appear after 50 hours of running time and will continue to display for five minutes after the initial alert.

The meter will then enter into a maintenance time, which lasts for two hours. During this interval, every time the mower is started, the message will appear again. Each time the message appears it will last for five minutes. This message will subsequently appear after every 50 hour period of use.

As an example, after the first use it will display between 50 and 52 hours of use. After that it will be 100-102 hours and so on. There is a red LED oil symbol, which will flash every time the message is displayed, for five minutes. The meter display will revert to normal once the two-hour maintenance period has elapsed and will then begin the countdown till the next change is required.

If there are further problems with this piece of equipment then the Cub Cadet website would be a useful place to go as it has a comprehensive FAQ section. If this is no use then an e-mail could be sent to the company or a direct call could be made.
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How do I reset the oil change reminder light on my walk behind wide cut cub cadet mower.

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