Check Engine Light Stays On After Oil Change, What Could It Be?


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Without taking the car to an experienced mechanic, or being able to see the car for myself, this answer can only really give you advice on what it could be. Without having more information, it is difficult to give a specific answer.

So what could it be?

- This may not be a problem with the oil, but instead with the electrical circuits in the car. A short circuit could be causing the car's light to stay on. Make sure you check the filter wire has been hooked up and connected properly too.

- Some cars have an oil change counter that needs to be reset every time the oil is changed. If it is not reset, the oil light will still think the tank needs to be topped again.

- Sometimes the light can come on if the gas cap topper has not been put on properly. The topper may just need to be tightened for the light to recognise it.

- Although this sounds a bit silly, it has been known for some garages to empty out the old oil and forget to replace it with new oil. In the same way, they could have actually put in too much oil, thus causing the tank to overflow.

If you have checked all the above mentioned suggestions and still have not been able to resolve the problem, take your car back to the garage where the oil was originally topped up. In the event, the problem has been caused by an error on their part they will have to fix it at no extra cost.
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Need to reset computer
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Either there is an electrical short circuit or fuse problem with the car, also check your that the filter wire is correctly hooked.
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What does engine disabled or reduced engine power mean on 2005 chevy cobalt I just had oil changed and filter replaced yesterday
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First check the obvious, is your engine oil full? If it is, and there is no noise, like clattering from your engine, it could be the oil sending unit has malfunctioned or is not connected properly. Since the sending unit is usually in the same area as the oil filter, it is possible that in changing the oil, it could have been jarred or knocked loose.
If this problem occurred right after the oil change, I would suspect low oil or malfunctioning sensor problem.
If your engine light is on, you need to go ahead and have your computer scanned to see if there are any codes, and if there are, that will help you to determine the problem.
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I'm assuming you're changing the oil yourself, if you're seeing the change engine light come on. This is because the sensor for the light is within the engine, and it take the new engine oil you just put in, a few seconds to go through the engine. This is why you should let you car 'warm up' after changing the oil (because you have just emptied ALL the oil from you car and the new oil has the have a chance to run through). As long as the light goes out, everything is normal
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There is no direct connection between the lubrication system and the OBDII check engine light.

But a couple of things come to mind:

The "mechanic" forgot to connect up a wire they disconnected while doing the work.

Did the mechanic replace the air filter? On many cars the mass air flow sensor on at or near the air filter. He may have messed up this sensor or forget to reconnect it back up.

And then there is the old favorite: Loose gas cap. Did anyone get gas recently and did not put the gas cap on well?

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