How Do I Change Oil Honda Shadow?


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The Honda Shadow motorcycle series has been on the market since 1983. In general, you should change the engine oil around every 5,000 miles but you can check this online or in the manual.
To change the oil on your motorcycle, first make sure your bike is propped up on a flat surface and not stationed on a hill or uneven surface. Allow up to an hour for the engine to cool down if you have been riding it beforehand - you do not want to burn yourself. Next, find something to contain the old oil such as a pan or a big container and put it under the oil drain plug - this is usually located at the bottom of the bike's engine.
To remove the oil drain plug from the oil tank you will need a ratchet set for this part. Let the oil drain for a few minutes and once the oil has slowed to a drip, replace the oil drain plug and tighten it using the ratchet set. Before you refill the engine with new oil, double check the recommended quantity and oil type for your specific model as every Honda Show model is different.
Once you have refilled the oil and replaced the oil cap, run the bike and check for leaks. If everything is functioning fine, it is safe to take your bike out for a ride!
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The plug is in the bottom of the transmission case, and the oil filter is behind that, empty old oil, pull filter, let drain all the way, replace bolt, replace with new, full of new oil, filter, then add 5 quarts of correct oil
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I know how to change oil just unsure of what filter to get? Anyone know????
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Can you recommend a synthetic oil for my 1100 Shadow 1994 and what oil filter do you recommend, also where is the oil filter located?

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