Does A 1998 Chevy Silverado Have A Cabin Air Filter?


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Emma kay answered
  • Yes, this model of Chevrolet does have a cabin air filter.
  • If yours has broken, or you just want a new one, these can be bought easily online via auto parts dealers, such as autozone and auto parts. There are many different sites you can go to, or, you could order it in from a local dealer.
  • The later models of the Chevy do not have cabin air filters, however. These air filters get clogged up pretty quickly and if not changed regularly, can seriously harm the ability of the air conditioning and also make your air quality in the cabin worse, which is ironic. This is because of all the dirt they pick up from the incoming air, which has all sorts of fumes and nasty things in it, and if it is not changed then all this gets in to your cabin and you won't be getting any fresh air.
  • The Silverado is a big, muscly American pickup that has been big in its market for years. It is an American classic and hopefully your should have no problem tracking down, and fitting a new air filter to your truck. It should be relatively simple to access, and take less than five minutes to change, and is well worth doing.

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