How Do I Reset The Oil Change Light On A Chevy Aveo?


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Sounds like you have either changed your oil in your Chevy Aveo or had your oil changed but the light on the dashboard is still showing 'Change Oil Soon'. Despite being annoying it is not in anyway dangerous to leave it flashing. However, if you do want to stop the light showing, the information will be in the owner's manual for the car and it will describe one way to reset the 'Oil Change Light'. If you have lost your owner's manual it will be possible to find it online but probably at a small cost.
However here are two methods of resetting the 'Oil Change Light in this model of car.
Firstly, you should turn the ignition switch twice until the lights on the dashboard have come on but not so the car has started. One of these buttons that it up on the dashboard should have road or 'I' on it. Push this until you see 'oil life' and then press and hold this for 10 seconds until it flash up with 'Oil Light Reset'.
If your vehicle does not have these buttons as described above, you will have to do it manually. You do this by turning the ignition on but making sure not to start the car. Next press the gas pedal fully to the floor 3 times within a 5 second period. Make sure you do this exactly three times and that the pedal is pressed fully to the floor. If you do this successfully, your 'Change Oil Light should flash and then go out after about 5-10 seconds. Good luck!
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Aveo is sort of Chevy and most chevy's use this method. Turn the key to “on” position and push the gas pedal to the floor 6 times within 4 seconds

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