How Do I Fix The Rear Brakes On A Honda Rancher ATV If They Are Stuck?


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It could be 1 of 3 things; first go to  the rear of the 4-wheeler check the arm where the cables are nutted on (the lever that turns the brake shoe cam) you should be able to press it forward without to much effort if it does not move then the brake shoe cam has seized to the drum housing. You will have to dissemble it and carefully remove it (probably want be easy) clean re-lube, reassemble.
Secondly it could be the brake pedal pivot point you would have to remove it and re-lube; most likely its going to be the first especially if both handbrake and foot brake are not usable.
Thirdly it could be one of your cables  which ever one don't work.
Hope this helps
God Bless!

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