Is There Any Car You Can Drive On A Provisional Licence That You Do Not Have To Have A Co Driver Apart From A Robin Reliant?


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A robin reliant may be driven on a provisional license. However, though this is possible, there are other additional precautions taken when one is using a provisional license without a co driver. For instance, the L-plates must be displayed both to the front and to the rear. Secondly, the reverse gear should not be there. This is to avoid the slightest chance of a possible accident, as no one is there to guide the learner. The vehicle must also be in a roadworthy state and driven when insured. The insurance is to be up to date so as to cater for any incidences that may arise during the driving.

The smart car also boosts such an advantage. One may drive it with a provisional license, it should also be roadworthy, insured, and the L- plates ought to be shown on both the rear and the front. The only difference is that in this case, one should have a co-driver who is at least 21 years of age. The individual should also have held their car license for a minimum duration of three years. It is worthy to note that if someone had taken a test in an automatic car, then they may only supervise someone in an automatic car. Driving such vehicles is done away from Motorways .The car size is a factor, which leads to these guidelines. However, the individuals in both instances are not allowed to drive on motorways to avoid the risk of accidents and fear, especially when learning how to drive. This is mainly because the individual may not have developed the desired level of vehicle control, thus their confidence in a motorway may dwindle when challenged, leading to unprecedented incidents. The Robin reliant may also be driven by individuals who have acquired a full motorcycle license. The premise behind this is that they are estimated to be familiar with the roads and the various rules and regulations that appertain to driving, thus they may have low accident causing potential.
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The important points are that a three wheeled vehicle can be driven without a co-driver if the vehicle has not been designed or modified to carry more than one person and the unladen weight does not exceed 550kg.

Normally, people asking this question have a motorcyle licence but drive Reliant Robins with a provisional driving licence.

As far as I can make out, the important point is to have a provisional driving licence rather than any need to have a full motorcycle licence in addition. That being the case, you can drive solo not only in a Reliant Robin, but also any three wheeled vehicle which has no reverse gear or reverse gear permanently immobilised.

This open up a few more options for you. Morgan used to make a three wheeled vehicle, but these are as rare as hen's teeth. Instead, the choice includes bubble cars, bugs, trikes, invalid carriages and a new generation of three wheeled 'smart' cars.
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So how are you supposed to reverse if ur in a backed corner? Ive passed my test in a 125cc shooter bike thingy, will i be able to drive one?

I'm thinking of making my own model car ( 3 wheels )

Thinking of using a bikes engine or something similar.

Have a look at

MC1 - For Car and Motorbike Licences

Note; Microcar UK does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information, which has been extracted from UK Government Regulations

Licence Groups permitted to drive Microcar

> Group 'A' (old group category D) motor cycle category minimum age 17
> Group B1 (old group category C) motor tricycle / quadricycles
> Group B car category manual or auto
> Learner car drivers provisional with 'B' at 17 years or after (accompanied)
> Learner motor cycle drivers provisional with 'A' at 17 years or after (mat drive on 'L' plates accompanied)
> A motor cycle 'A' provisional licence holder does not require Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) since the Microcar has four wheels
> Motor cycle 'A' category licence holders mat take their car 'B' test using Microcar. A 'B' automatic licence will be issued.
> A provisional licence for Microcar (four wheels) does not require reviewing after two years
> A 16 year old entitled to Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate (Mobility Allowance) may drive Microcar
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Does the size of the engine matter because in a bubble car the engine size is 200cc and i think you are only allowed 50cc. You can use a Piaggio Ape 50.
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So I can drive a robin reliant on a provisional licence  without getting in trouble with the police
and getting a fine
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Yes a bumping car

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