How To Change Fuel Pump On Ford Mondeo?


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There are two types of electric fuel pump. One type mounts inside the gas tank, the other mounts underneath the car just in front of the fuel tank; the Ford Mondeo pump is the latter sort. If your fuel pump mounts underneath the car, it will be held in by a couple of bolts. You can locate your fuel pump by sliding underneath the car (if you can't fit, you can place the car securely on jack stands) and looking just in front of the gas tank on one side of the car or the other. You can also follow the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. The pump will often be in a black insulating sleeve. Unbolt it and let it drop down slightly. You won't be able to remove it from the sleeve until everything is disconnected. When you've located the pump, you'll need to disconnect everything before you remove it from the tank. First disconnect the fuel lines. In an under-car pump there will be both a line in and a line out. These are also called the low pressure and high pressure side of the pump. To remove the lines, loosen the hose clamp or fitting that is holding the low pressure side in, then loosen the fitting and remove the line. Be sure to have something on hand to catch the gas that leaks from the lines so that it doesn't splash the floor and create a fire hazard. The last step in removing your fuel pump is disconnecting the wires that power the pump. There will be two wires; one is positive, the other ground. It's a good idea to make a note of which is which. What seems obvious while you're taking it off can be baffling when it's time to put it all back. The wires will be held on by plugs, screws, or really small bolts. With everything disconnected, you're ready to remove the pump; as in all mechanical processes installation is the reverse of removal.
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Drop the tank, undo the bolts on the circular plate holding it to the tank. - don't use any tool that could cause a spark!!  Take the pump FAR away from the fuel tank and connect it to a 12v battery to test function.

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