Do You Need A License To Drive An Electric Bike?


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Two issues:If it is a motor vehicle (yes it is), can it be registered? Depends on the State's requirements for use on public roads. Probably not.  So the license question is a moot point.If it is somehow equipped with the hundreds of dollars of required DOT equipment, brakes, lights, horn , etc, then there are different classifications of motorcycle. GO onto your State's DMV website and read the explanations or descriptions of the different classifications of two wheeled (or three) wheeled motorcycles. The classifications are listed by Speed attainable. For example, under 40MPH or over 40MPH, under 30MPH etc.This will determine if it needs to be registered.If it can not be registered, it is illegal to use an unregistered motor vehicle on public roads.DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE PERSON SELLING THE VEHICLE TELLS YOU ABOUT NEEDING OR NOT NEEDING A MOTORCYCLE.  THEY MAY BE LYING JUST TO MAKE THE SALE AND OR DO NOT HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE.  I HAVE HAD A MOTORCYCLE DEALER TELL ME THE WRONG INFORMATION...LYING? YOU BE THE JUDGE. IF THEY ARE ARE A PRIVATE SELLER, THEY PROBABLY DO NOT KNOW.EITHER WAY, ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT THE LAW AND COMPLY, OTHERWISE YOU MAY BE INVOLVED IN A LAW SUITE WHICH WILL EAT UP ALL OF YOUR FUEL SAVINGS.....AND BTW..FUNERALS ARE NOT CHEAP!
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This question is difficult to answer.  Each state has its own set of rules for electric bikes. By the way, I've had an electric bike for a long time with the joy of it. It's a handy way to get around. At the moment I want to order UPP Ebike Battery uppbattery  at an affordable price

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