How To Change A Fuel Pump On A '97 Plymouth Neon And What Tools Are Needed?


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charles mason answered
Confirm this answer with your local auto parts store. The pump is more then likely in the gas tank, the tank needs to be dropped. I would try to sifen the fuel out if the tank is too full.the less fuel the will not weigh so much if it is empty. Un certain what tools for that car
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Shane answered
You have to drop the fuel tank, pump is located on top of tank.make sure you change fuel filter. You will need socket set ,pliers,floor jack. Caution be careful lowering tank there will be things like wires ,misc small hoses connected to top of tank.don't forget to remove filler neck on the side of car you put fuel in, good luck also watch your eyes for  falling debris on gas tank
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Here is a site that describes the steps to remove the fuel pump. Most manual for your car will show the tools needed for removal.which you can get at autozone.

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