How Does A Yamaha Jet Ski Speedometer Work?


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A Yamaha Jet Ski Speedometer works the same way most vehicle speedometers work; the speedometer is hooked up to the jet ski through a soft cable that is composed of a bundle of wires, which are twisted together.

The Speedometer Measures The Jet Skis Current Speed

• These cables act as a tiny driveshaft system...when one part of the cable turns, the other part turns as well, despite the overall length of the cable.
• Near the upper end of the cable, the wires are fed into the speedometer mechanism. When this part of the cable turns, a magnet inside the device also turns; the magnet is found in a component known as a speedometer cup. This cup is hooked up to a pointer that displays changes in speed on the face of the speedometer.

Knowing how fast you are travelling on a Jet Ski is important for safety reasons; if a jet Ski speedometer is malfunctioning, a rider may go too fast, because he or she is unable to gauge the exact speed of the water vehicle. In some situations, where there is plenty of traffic on the water (boaters, other swimmers, even marine life), in can be dangerous to exceed recommended speeds on a Jet Ski. Therefore, prompt replacement or repair of a malfunctioning Jet Ski speedometer is crucial.

Today`s high-tech Jet Skis may feature new advances in speedometer technology, such as electronic speedometers. These gauges will be mini-computers that offer more precise speed measurements and quicker adjustments when speed changes rapidly. These precision instruments offer more features to Jet Ski owners, but they must be repaired by professionals who understand how to work with the microchips inside the computerized devices.

Contacting an official Yamaha Jet Ski technical support representative can be a great way to find out more about your speedometer and how it works.

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