Where Is The Battery Located On A BMW 525i?


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MAXEL MAXEL answered
BMW 525i 2000-2003 has a battery in a trunk on a right side, to change battery ,you should leave your engine running & replace with the other as quick as you can, when you take the battery off ,the car wont go off & you wont need to reset your devices  or enter any codes, and you wont make any changes to your central locking system or engine immobilizer.
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Under hte rear seat on pass side
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Martin Garret answered

The battery is on the trunk on the right side. If you need to repair your battery, I would recommend you take a look at these BMW auto repair manuals. I used to buy new details for my car as I did not know that it's possible to repair most of them very cheap. I guess those manuals can save you money and time. They also gave me a better understanding of some technical processes.

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Battery is located under the rear seat. grab the corner and lift up. You'll need to enter the radio code for the radio to work as well as set time/date.

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