How To Replace The Fuel Pump In A Ford Windstar?


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This job takes some time and is not for the amateur mechanic.  I had the assistance of a mechanic to do this and did it in the driveway. Make sure you put down some plastic or cardboard in case of gas spills on the asphalt.Drain/syphon as much gas from the van as possible, it will make it easier to manage the gas tank. Jack up the rear end of the van and place axles on axle stands.  Put a portable trolley jack under the centre of the gas tank just lightly supporting it. Undo the bolt on the front strap. Good idea to have someone under the car (two people if possible to steady the tank.  Undo the bolt on the rear strap.  You then undo the hose clamps on the rubber filler tube where it connects to the tank.  There is also a smaller tube next to it which is the vent tube.  Remove the clip from this and pull both hoses away from the tank. Take care not to put too much pressure on the connections from the tank.  If you break these you will have to replace the tank!!  Lower the tank to the ground, moving it towards the passenger side to clear the hoses, and move the jack clear from the tank.  On top of the tank you will see a circular aluminum cover with two hoses attached to it.  Remove the two hoses by lifting the white plastic clips (you should replace these clips if possible. The hoses are slightly different sizes, so you will not mix the up.  To remove the pump get a small chisel or screwdriver and tap the metal disk in a counter clockwise direction.  You may have to pry the securing lugs back a little to free the disk.  Keep tapping the screwdriver on the tab until the metal disk comes free.  Now this is important,  ****note the position of the disk and make sure it goes back in the same position**** Lift up the disk and you will see the pump inside the tank.  Remove the electrical connector from the disk. To remove the pump, release the two plastic clips and lift out the pump,again noting the position.  Put in the new pump, putting in the float lever first. The new pump comes with a new rubber gasket, which goes under the disk.  I found the new gasket was too big, so I used the old one.  Position the disk and turn clockwise making sure it seats into the logs on the tank.  Tap it until it is firmly seated.  Put the electrical connectors back on.  Before you put the tank back, switch on the key for a couple of second and have someone listen to know that it is working,  To replace the tank, lift onto trolley jack, have someone hold the heat shield on the passenger side of the tank.  As you lift the tank into position, make sure the filler hose and vent slide into the appropriate holes in the frame.  Good idea to attach the hoses and clamps at this point.  Once the tank is firmly against the underside of the car, bolt the straps into position.  You are finished!!!  Put gas in the car, check for leaks.  Turn your key on and off, (not starting) about four or five times.  I hope this helps – I hope I have covered everything – if not email me!! 

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