What Does It Cost To Replace A Wheel Bearing On A Ford Focus?


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There is no straightforward answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as where you are living at present or where you take the car to have the work done by a mechanic. In addition, the price will also depend on whether you are simply looking for a new wheel bearing and are hoping to fit it yourself, or whether you are going to take it to a garage to have all the work carried out.

Online, the opinion differs from one website forum to another, so there is no clear answer. In the United Kingdom, most people say the price does vary depending on the garage or mechanic you choose to go to. One person claims it cost her £106 for the labor and the part, whereas another paid £290 for both wheel bearings to be fitted (parts and labor included). Although another claims they only paid £100 for parts and labor.

In the USA, prices online seem to vary from around $185 to $200 depending on the mechanic. It is therefore worthwhile to ring around a few garages first to gauge the average price and then you will be in a better position to make a decision. There is no point in just taking the car to the first garage you speak to as there may be a chance of getting a  better and more reliable job carried out elsewhere for much cheaper.

There is also the option of buying the wheel bearing parts and fitting them yourself, or. You could take the parts to the mechanic and then just pay for the labor. Again, prices will vary from one garage to another, so ring around first. There are a few websites online where you can buy and compare prices for parts. One example can be found at this link:
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You did not say front or rear bearings.

The Front bearings are over $40 EACH and must be pressed into the suspension system. So $80 or so just for the bearings. Then the old bearings must be pressed out and the new ones pressed in.

There are two ways this can be done (I have done it both ways). Special tools are available that will do the job with the suspension parts still on the car. You may be able to rent this tool. The other way is to remove the hubs from the car and press the bearings out/in on a hydraulic press.

With the special tool about a 1/2 hour each side, with the hub off and hydraluic press about an hour each side.

But watch out, if the bearings are pressed in wrong they will be destroyed, if the axel nut is not torqued correctly the bearings will be destroyed.

The rear bearings are actually more expensive, about $60 EACH. But they are the conventional tappered roller bearings, hand assembly only required. Probably 1/2 hour each side.

But on such a new car what happened to make the bearings go bad?
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Could be approximately $23 dollars for ( 1 ) wheels wheel bearing if you replace it yourself. I'm assuming you are not able to so add the cost of a mechanic that charges $45 dollars an hour and he will claim ( 2 ) wheels bearings to be changed in an hour and a half which means 2 hours... Then the immaturity of the mechanic throwing in extra dollars here and there for this and that. The way it goes my friend. I've never found so much immaturity with grown adults in my entire life then when dealing with automotive mechanics...
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