Can You Help? My Car Won't Start. It Won't Jump Start Either. The Battery Is Ok. When I Turn The Key, All Dash Lights Lite Up But Doesn't Turn Over. There Is Not A Clicking Noise When I Turn The Key To On Position. I Had The Starter And Battery Replaced 22 Months.


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It sounds to me like you have a solenoid that is out since it won't even click. It won't be a coil because at that point it would at least be trying to turn. It's not your battery because it would at least be trying to crank as well. Not the switch because nothing had been done to that and your dash comes on. Ask the mechanic to check out your solenoid. Best bet that is what it is. It should have been checked out at the time but they will go out on their own . By rule, anytime you change a starter, change your solenoid, as well they aren't even expensive considering it will be in the garage being worked on. Good luck hope that fixes it. Send me a shout and let me know how it comes out!
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I have a ford f150 that wont start  the only way I can get it to start is to either put a wrench to the solenoid or pop the clutch  I have no idea what it could be  I already changed the solenoid and nothing  I don't think its the starter because it doesn't make any noise  I need some help on this
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Sound like you have ignition problem

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