My Car Will Not Start. When I Turn The Key I Get Nothing, No Clicking Or Lights, Completely Dead. What Should I Do?


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Suhail Ajmal answered
Here I can give you troubleshooting details to start a car. Just visit the following links to know, how to start your car.
How to start a car
Car Start
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martha foster answered
Check your battery. It is probably dead. It could be the cable post is loose and the alternator has not been charging your battery, and if that is the case you have no amps in your battery. Go to an Advance Auto, or Auto Zone if there is one in your area they will recharge your battery for free, or let you know if it is no good, and you will need to purchase another one.
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Chris Locke answered
Your battery is dead, charge or replace it.
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larry cook answered
You need to try an jump start it if that works have your battery checked
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My car will not start my dash broad light don't come on nor do my car alarm do not work my lights do not work

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