I have a 97 chevy lumina sedan 3.1L engine. I ran out of gas. I put 2 gal. Of gas in B4 I tried to start it again. Not touching the gas pedal, I tried to start it. It cranks good but seems like no fuel. What should I check?, and how?


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Usually this damages the fuel pump believe it or not. I would say check to see if your gas cap is on right first.believe it or not a gas cap can cause the pump to fail to pump.then I would check the fuses then I would check to see if you battery is dead.2 many things could cause this to guess just one cause/ thing.since we don't know how you operate you vehicle/take care of it.
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Yep the worst thing you could ever do is run a fuel injected engine out of gas as its hell gettingit primed back up so try flooding the engineand wait a few minutes once you smell gas

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