I Have A 1999 Chevy Malibu Won't Start Fuel Pump Not Coming On When I Hook A Hot Wire To The Fuel Pump Relay It Starts There Is No Juice To The Fuel Pump Relay?


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Also autozone now has a site for step by step instructions on most vehicle maintenance. As tamarind said it could be many things it could be a broken or loose wire/bad relay/blown fuse. The fuel pump relay could also be acting as a closed switch. From what I understand the relay is suppose to act as a circuit breaker. By putting direct power to it you we're basically bypassing it and powering the pump without any circuit breaker/fuse protection and could have damaged the pump by doing so. I suggest you get a haynes or chilton manual for your vehicle it will pay for itself in information. Here is an example of jumping the relay. Members.rennlist.com/v1uhoh/jumping.htm hope this helps
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Check out 2carpros.com, they have forums with the malibu and same problems. They also have FREE mechanics answering your questions.
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I would start by checking the fuse that supplies power to the relay.
Check your owners manual for location of the fuse. If you do not have an owners manual, call a local auto parts store. They will probably look it up for you.
If that doesn't work, leave us a comment and we will get back to you.
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the relay is fine there is no power to run the relay there is no fuse for the fuel pump only relay and it no a fuse cause sometimes the car will run
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Check to see if there is power to the connector on your fuel pump with the ignition "ON", not, in the start position. If there is power to the pump and it isn't running then it is no good. If there is always power to the pump, like when you straight wire it, sometimes the pump works, sometimes it won't, that's another indication that the fuel pump is failing.
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Hello, on some GM models; the oil pressure switch or oil sending unit, provides current to the fuel pump relay. Check for voltage from the pressure switch to the relay with the key on. You should have the same color wire at the pressure switch and the relay. If you do not have power from the oil pressure switch, it is faulty. Hope this might help you.

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