My Car Makes A Funny Noise When Im Turning Right. It Is Very Loud And Ambarrasing.What Can I Do To Get Rid Of That Horrible Sound?


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The first thing you could do would be to turn up your stereo to the maximum volume possible. This will alleviate any embarrassment you have while you are driving the car as you won’t be able to hear it. On a serious note though - without knowing what it sounds like, or what type of car you have, the age and condition of the car it is impossible to give a diagnosis as to what the noise is that you are experiencing when you are turning right. The first port of call would be to check that your mud flaps are not being caught in the wheel, or that there is nothing obvious sticking out of the bodywork that is catching the wheel as it is turning. Failing that then your best bet is to get it booked in at a reputable garage. The most important thing to note that if there is a problem with the car, the longer you leave it the worse the problem could become and could increase in expense too. Always choose an established and reputable garage - preferably one with membership of a recognised trade association, such as the Motor Vehicles Repairers Association. For convenience use a local garage, but check around first.

MVRA members adhere to strict guidelines and are regularly assessed to ensure standards are maintained. Ask friends, family and work colleagues to find out who they recommend and visit several garages and get them to provide you with a written quote. Apart from ensuring you get the best price, it will also highlight any garages that are willing to carry out unnecessary work.

Some garages will also collect and deliver your car so the work could be done while you are in work again check with each garage first.
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If it is a popping noise, then is sounds like the cv joint is bad. You would hear this popping noise only when you turn (usually a sharp turn)
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There is an easy repair for this situation that everyone probably overlooked.... If, while driving, you only let yourself turn the wheel to the left, you will never hear the noise again!!!
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Its very possible too that there may be something hanging down into your wheel well, if there is a piece of plastic rubbing against the rubber it will make a grating sound, and if it's only making the noise when you turn a particular direction that makes me think that it is exactly that,  I've had cv joints go bad, and they usually make noise when you turn either direction
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Check your power steering fluid and check the owners manual on how to replace it. : D   Hope That Was Helpful :D ;D
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If its a clicking sound its proberly you axle shaft if you turn right and it does it its the left one turn left and you hear it its the right one
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Might be a wheel bearing .if it making a clicking sound thats just what my car was doing .I had went to a mechanic they said it was a wheel bearing! Also check axle rubber boots make sure they are not tore ,If they are you will need a new axle!take to auto repair shops for estimates.
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When turning right , indicates a Constant Velocity axle. Or a CV joint.
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If your car is making funny noise, when you are turning right, then there could be many reasons:

1. Maybe the problem is with the car's wheel/tires.

2. Problem with the car's steering.

3. Car need servicing.

4. Low inflation or tire wear or incorrect wheel balance.

To avoid expensive repair take your car to the best mechanic soon.  Because if you keep ignoring this problem then you have to pay a good amount of money. So it's good to take your car to an experienced auto repair shop.  If you are in Winnipeg, then take your car to Winter's Collision Repair shop. This is the most experienced car collision repair service provider at affordable price.

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If your car has power steering (most if not all are) check the power steering fluid. Check your car's handbook to find out how or go to a mechanic you trust and ask them to check it for you and if it's low to fill it.
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First spelling embarrassing "ambarrasing" would be more embarrassing to me than the noise your car makes going around turns. Check your CV Joint or Constant Velocity Joint that's more than likely the problem, then get the wheel alignment.
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I think is the power steering or power steering fiuld,or lower and upper arm,or tie rod and tis rod end
got some problem and I think cv joint are bad too.And it will cuase a lot of sound.
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Well first stop turning right. : ) then find out what kind of noise it is.or do what I am getting ready to do and replace your wheel bearing hub.if it is a low rumbling grinding noise in your front
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My car has had the same problem and had been getting worse.  Had MOT today and turns out the grinding clunky noise that I'd been ignoring (turning up the radio - which works a treat) was the steering rack, and also there is a possible leak in the power steering system.  If in doubt, stick it into a garage, I'm sure the longer you leave it the worse it gets -  the more it costs to fix!

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