How Can I Bleed The ABS System On A 2001 GMC Yukon 4X4 With Front And Rear Disc Brakes. I Have Replaced The Front Pads. But Now The Pedal Is Going All The Way To The Floor.


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John answered
If bleeding the brakes does not fix the problem you could have a problem with the anti lock system. Or have blown a seal in the master cylinder.
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Rena Chisholm answered
Whether it be ABS or mechanical brakes, have an assistant pump your brake pedal and hold it to the floor and then open the bleeder screw. Then close the bleeder screw and pump it again. Bleed the left rear first. Then pump the pedal again and hold to the floor and bleed your right rear. Making sure that the master cylinder is always full of fluid. Then bleed your right front and then go to the left front and bleed it last.
That is the proper way to bleed a brake system.
After your assistant pumps the brakes, in each step of this system, make sure he holds the pedal to the floor when you open the bleeder valve. After you close it, tell him/her to pump the brakes again until you open the next bleeder valve. After you close it, have him to pump them again and hold pedal. Then repeat the process all the way around the vehicle.

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