How Do You Change A Loose Gear Shift That Will Not Go Into Park On A 1992 Lincoln Town Car?


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It could either be the shifter tube itself[the white metal bar the shift handle attaches to] or more likely be the plate at the end of the tube that attaches to the linkage.  This is held to the tube by two torx screws' if they are at all loose this will cause your shifter to feel loose and sloppy as well as making it difficult to get into park or reverse.  The connection is located above and in front of the brake pedal' a pain to get to but a lot cheaper than a mechanic.
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Are you sure it is the gear shifter or could it be the shift cable that runs from the shifter to the transmission?
  Just something to think about checking.

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My gear shifter will not go into park and moves freely from reverse to neutral.
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I just asked my husband about your latest comment. He managed a transmission shop for many years.
He says that either your shifter cable is malfunctioning or the plastic grommit which attaches to the shifter cable and transmission, or the grommit that attaches to the shifter cable and gear shifter, (there is one on each end of the cable), is most likely broken.
This is Not an expensive repair.

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