I Need A Diagram On How To Replace Front Brake Pads On A 1992 Ford Explorer?


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I suggest getting a manual(haynes) for your vehicle and watch some video clips from expert village on you tube from a guy called nate McCullough(ace mechanic). It may not be your exact vehicle but it will show the basic routine/steps to take out the pads and put in the new ones.www.youtube.com
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I don't know about a diagram but it is pretty easy to do. Remove the tires (odvously) remove the bolt that retains the Caliper slide [it takes an allen wrench] tap the slide out. Usually this is done by using a screwdriver or a punch and a hammer. Be careful the slide lock has two pieces. Use a large screw driver the spread the pads out and away from the rotor. You can then slide the caliper off of the pads. Then pull the pads away from the rotor. Use a "C" clamp and one of the old pads to collapse the caliper piston all the way back into the caliper. Then reverse the process by installing the new pads, install the caliper (bottom first) tap the slide back in (both Pieces) and reinstall the retaining bolt. Pump the brakes a couple times before driving to make sure the caliper pistons are set back against the inside pad and the caliper is in place. If you have an older Ford the only difference from above is that the older Ford SUVs had two slide in pins that held the caliper in place and you would tap one of the pins out and do everything else the same as above, Each of the "pins" are actually two pieces of metal with rubber in the middle and snap in place..
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