How Do I Remove The Front Caliper On A 1990 F-150 4x4?


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Dewayne Miller answered
(there are a couple types of calipers when asking help try to enlist as much info you can!)
but you need to remove the cap from the master cylinder first then there are two alin bolt pins(on the backside) that hold it in place for a floating caliper/and for a sliding caliper there are two bolts threw a holding plate (on the top) remove bolts..with the caliper removed take off the outer pad leaving the one up against the pistion take a c-clamp with the stupid end (incapable of change) on the backside of the caliper and the smart end (yep..!the end that is capable of change against the pad tighten until the piston is retracked install new pads put on caliper and tighten bolts! (should be no need to bleed)
this is for must all basic pads if your not sure about what type of caliper you have or you have a loaded caliper or just plane not sure ga to type in your vehicle for all the info you' ll need hope this helps

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