Has NEWT Gingrich's shock victory in the South Carolina Primary [GI=40%, RO=28%, SA=17%, PA=13%], plus Romney's victory in Iowa being annulled, upset the Republican Party, given that since the days of Reagan, the S.C. Winner has become the nominee?


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If so, we better start praying to God for his intervention here as Newt cannt beat his good friend Obama and would just follow Obama in his footsteps if elected as hes definitely more a robot than a real leader so lets hope not and besides no one ever said that SC has intelligent life but Florida should show the true candidate now I hope
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I agree with you 110% on this one my friend and thanks for the helpful
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I understand that citizens eligible to vote go to the poll booths in Florida on January 31st.
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Somewhere around then, not sure what date exactly

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