What Is The Size Of The Front Axle Nut And Torque Specs On 2001 GMC Jimmy 4X4?


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This question would be best answered by a mechanic or a GMC car expert or specialized dealer as I have sourced several ambiguous answers but cannot give a specific answer.

It would appear that the size of the front axle nut on the GMC Jimmy 4x4 is between 33 and 35 millimeters in diameter based on information found online. However this cannot be confirmed, certainly not by a reputable and trusted source and it would appear that several car owners are asking the same questions that you are. It may be worth trying both front axle nut diameters to see which is more applicable.

The answer to both parts of your question should be able to be found in the original owner's manual of your 2001 GMC Jimmy 4x4. If you do not have a copy of this anymore then the website http://www.extendedgmwarranty.com/owners-manual/gmc_owner_manuals.html offers a free download of the owner's manual in question.

Once you have clicked on this link, just scroll down to the correct year and the first option under 2001 GMC Owner's Manuals should be '2001 GMC Jimmy Owner's Manual'. Clicking on the link should provide a PDF copy of the owner's manual that should answer your questions. There are also several owners' manuals for the GMC 2001 Jimmy 4x4 on eBay, if you feel that this is a more reliable source.

Failing this, I am afraid you may need to contact a specialized 4x4 dealer or a specialized mechanic to see if they are able to answer your question. Most specialized dealers will know a great deal about the products they are selling and you should find that, if they do not know the answer, they almost certainly will know someone that does know the answer.

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