My Astra Brake Pedal Has Excessive Travel I Bled All The Brakes And Readjusted All The Shoes But Cant Get The Pedal To Come Up . All The Brakes Work But The Pedal Is Almost To The Floor . Could It Be The Master Cylinder Or Servo That Is At Fault?


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I bought a mint 1.4LS for £30 lol, failed mot on worn front discs and brake bulb!
Got new discs & pads for £35, fitted them in a hour, then spent the rest of the weekend trying to bleed the system without much success.
Same symptoms as other posters, pedal travel & resistance seemed ok without engine running, but soon as I started it the pedal went to the floor.
Road testing was scary!
Anyway, turns out I'd incorrectly positioned the pad retaining clip - took minutes to fix once id figured it out.
Suggest if you have the same problem, check the clip position before wasting time stripping the master cylinder & replacing bits!
The clip should sit behind the rectangular lug on the inner caliper, and not pressing against the pad as I thought.

Make a note of the position of this clip before replacing pads as getting it wrong can turn a 30 minute job into a nightmare!
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Yes, your master cylinder could be at fault, also your power brake booster could be bad. A problem with either one will cause your problems.

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