My Car Over-Heated And Now It Won't Start. Why?


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Over heating an engine does not do any of its vital components any good at all. I should imagine that some critical damage has been done to something like a piston ring or valve, which will stop your engine from compressing and therefore will not start.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to get the vehicle down to your local garage so that a mechanic can have a good look under the hood.

Car overheated and now won't start?
  • As soon as the engine of a car over-heats, there is the potential for the components of the engine to become damaged.
  • The most likely parts that will have been affected will be those that are in direct contact with the combustible fuel/air mixture.
  • Piston rings may break if the engine overheats. If they do, the engine will lose a vast amount of compression.
  • Valves can also get stuck or burned in this instance. Either way, if the valves aren't working correctly, then the engine will not be able to effectively take in air and fuel and pump the exhaust gases out. Again, this will cause the engine not to run.
Take your motor into the garage and get a specialist to have a look at it.

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