My Car Won't Start It Just Keeps Turning And Turning But Won't Spark Up. What's Wrong With It? Feels As If Its Not Getting Any Fuel.


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It is difficult even for experts to tell if the problem is fuel or spark. Unless you check things out logically you will just end up wasting time and money.

To check for spark get a cheap spark tester from an auto parts store. Hook it up and use it. If there is spark then you know that the ignition system is working and that the computer is awake and hearing signals that the engine is turning.

To check for fuel try this: Get a helper and do this when it is fairly quiet. Go back by the gas tank and listen carefully while the helper trys to start the engine. After he releases the key the fuel pump whould run for a second or two and you should be able to hear the fuel pump hum or buzz a littlle. The sould is very obvious when you know what it is.

If there is no sound go a bit further. Under the hood find the fuel injection test port. This should look a little like a tire valve but it is located on the fuel rail. With proper care (fuel may spray out) push the valve open. No fuel? Have helper try and start engine while to do this again. If there is still no fuel then there is something wrong with the fuel pump or with the electrics supporting the pump.

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