Why Won't My Mazda Protege Start?


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I have a Mazda Protege 1997, recently I replaced the distributor and mass air flow sensor from another used mazda Protege. The car started fine in a heated garage, but after 4 approx 4 hours being outside with a battery charger charging the battery I had a real hard time to get it started. It is like it is choking it self. The mazda dealer looked at it and recommended replacing the distributor, because the spark was weak initially. So I did this, but I still have problems with it starting in cold weather. Is there a sensor that might be sensitive to temp and this is causing my engine not to start.
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This is mainly problem of your ignition that is not letting your car start so check out the ignition first whether wires are properly connected to it. Secondly check out the battery because most of time these cars act in same way if their batteries do not work with them.

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