I Have A Problem Of Random Overheating On My Van. What Are The Possible Reasons?


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You can check if there is any problem with your vehicle regarding the radiator cap, water pump, belts, coolants, and thermostat. The problems in these parts of the van might cause the vehicle to get overheated. You must check the water pump of the van because it is matter of common practice that if they get some problem then the bearings might produce different noises when the engine runs. Do also take care of the coolant and do not forget to refill the radiant on frequent basis because if you show carelessness towards to the radiator then it can either be leaked or blocked. Any problem in cooling system might cause overheating and to avoid this problem do take care of the cooling system.

And even after checking these all things you still are unable to find the exact reason then you must talk to an expert. Do not try to be the mechanic of your van if you are unaware of the whole system as the little knowledge is always dangerous and may lead you to more serious problems. And if you still want to do it by your own then you can take help from the repair manual; you can take help either from the printed manual or the online manual.

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