I have memories of hearing about an aerobatic manoeuvre, a Knickerbocker. Problem is, I can't find any references to it. I'm starting to think it was all a dream - did it exist? Does it go by another name?


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The only connection I can find between aerobatics and the word "knickerbocker" is a pilot named Shawn Knickerbocker, who is based out of Orlando, Florida (according to his LinkedIn profile).

Knickerbocker and Aerobatics

A quick search on YouTube brings up a video posted by someone of the same name flying a 1943 PT-13 450 Stearman; a biplane originally manufactured during the '30s and '40s by the US military.

Maybe you've watched a similar aerobatic video, and the pilot's name has stuck in your head?

Perhaps if you edit your question to include a brief description of the flight manoeuvre, I may be able to trace it more easily.

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