My Car Is Overheating, What Could Be Causing This?


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Any incident of over-heating should be investigated. As ever, there are several reasons for an engine overheating, so let's look at them in turn.

Is there sufficient coolant in the system? This should be checked regularly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations in the owner's handbook. After topping up, check for leaks and again when parked overnight. If the cooling system has been drained and the coolant replaced, there may be air trapped in the system.

Next, check that there is nothing obstructing the radiator core, such as leaves, dead insects and other wildlife, dust, mud etc. If so, carefully remove the offending articles to allow proper ventilation to occur.

Ensure the fan belt is in good condition and set at the correct tension.

If the overheating only occurs when you are sitting in traffic jams or towing, check that the electric fan is switching on as it should. There may be a problem with the switch, wiring or thermostat at the root of the overheating problem.

If the fan and thermostat check out okay, the next possibilities are the water pump or the core of the radiator breaking up.

Last in the line of causes is the cylinder head gasket. Watch out for back pressure in the expansion tank. A sure sign of this is coolant escaping via the cap and collecting in the recess for the bolt that secures the tank to the body of the vehicle. Another is an excessive amount of white smoke (steam) in the exhaust.
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First thing is to check radiator cap if cap isn't holding pressure and releasing then your motor will run hot, if that doesn't work then go to thermostate.
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My 1997 s500 mercedes benz all of a sudden overheated my temperature gauge did not read hot but the hot symbol illuminated. I turned the car on and looked in the reservoir and the water wasn't moving. Is it my water pump, thermostat or radiator?
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First thing check the thermostate, it can go bad because the age or too much rust . You can locate it by following the upper radiator hose to the engine. It is not expensive and you can do it yourself by draining the water then remove the themostat housing then take the old one out and put the new one with new gasket if need it.go to or any other to chek the price.
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My 1990 corvette is running hot I have to put heat on to 90 and it will not run hot as long as the heat is on

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