My Car Won't Start. I Have Power But Nothing Happens. Why Is It?


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There could be a couple of things wrong, not knowing what type of car you've got. I would suggest checking your starter. Most auto parts stores can test it for free, maybe check to see if you can hear your fuel pump working. To do this turn the ignition switch to the on position, then go to where your fuel cap is,(do this quickly) remove it and listen for a buzzing or humming type noise. if there is no noise it is not working.
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93 chevy truck will not start, lights on dash and headlights come on, good battery and stater. Any ideas?
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I had the same exact problem with my truck and it was a wire grounding out in the drivers side trim wire harness that goes to the tail lights just take the trim out and locate the harness and you should find the wire that's grounding out. I know it sounds weird that's what I thought but as soon as we fixed it runs perfect.
which specific trim piece are you referring to? Is the shorted wire inside the cab or outside by the tail light? 
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Hit the fuse box it might be loose the one under the hood ok
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If there is fuel in the tank, then check weather the fuel pump is working. Take out one ignition lead and check weather the high-tension current is coming through the lead. If not, you have to consult a proper technician.
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This is common problems n the car. If the car does not start you need to think about it. Sometimes you wake up in the morning and try to start your car but it does not start at that moment. You just try again and again but it does not work. Now you are in a big trouble the only option you got is to call the repair center to some mechanic who come to look for your car. So he may charge you hundred dollars in order to get it work again. I would suggest you that if a person knows little about their car they can save their money for repairing their cars.

For example if you are driving your car in night and you face suddenly your car headlights get dims so might feel that there is some problem in the battery but when you check other things like your car tape, and other things are working right then there must some problem with the headlights other than the battery.

So if while driving you face that your car suddenly stops and do not work properly this means that the car's engine belt has broken and you need another engine belt in order to get it back in working. Sometimes if you are going on long journey and the car suddenly stops you need to wait for sometimes because the engine need to take some brake in order to get it cool.

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