My Mazda929 Overheated And The Engine Just Shut Off And Now Won't Start?


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For anyone reading this please please please DON'T EVER pour cool water on a hot engine you will crack the block and ruin your engine. Disregard the first answer unless you WANT to buy a brand new motor...
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So many different things can happen when a car overheats. Does the engine turn over? I would assume it does if you say it won't start but if not, then something has locked up the engine.

If it turns over but won't start, it could have blown a head gasket and would not be getting compression in some or all of the cilindros (bad spelling, sorry). It also could have warped the head and that would make it appear that the head gasket is blown. It could have damaged the spark plugs.
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Open the hood(carefully), and pour water on radiator & engine. After it cools off try again.and then call the mechanic and ask him to check the gaskit of the engine.perhaps that has been overheated .

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