Would You Buy A Car With A Diesel Engine?


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Karen answered
No way...not me.....I can't handle the stink on top of other reasons!!
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Heck yeah... They get better gas mileage.. More torque.. And lower rpm meaning less wear on the motor so they last a lot longer
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walter jedyk answered
No, it won't save you that much.
My friend bought a car with a diesel engine and gave him more then a headache.
There's no great performance of speed from them.
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The Instigator answered
Yes most definitely for a plethora of reasons.  Diesel is close to kerosene which is close to #2 oil. It is better for the engine and acts as a lubricant.  The engine will burn almost any type of oil even purified cooking oil. No carburation. The maintenance required is much less.  The engine will in most cases outlast the vehicle. They used to have a great deal of smoke and smell, but the newer ones are much quieter and less polluting.  The initial cost may be higher but in the long run will out last a gasoline engine.  I drove 18 wheelers for over 30 years and I know from where I speak. We had engines which of course were rebuilt but were well into the 300,000 range. Another plus it was invented by a German engineer. What more could you ask for.
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I would!  I'd much prefer to buy a car with a diesel engine, as opposed to buying one with cash or credit.

Do you KNOW anyone who will sell me a car, for a diesel engine?
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Maybe no, as an educator I always integrate the care on lovely earth...use unleaded gas, nature-friendly.

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