How To Fix Back Brake Pads On 2000 Blazer?


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Ok, I will help you. Obviously you know to jack up the vehicle and secure it on jack stands and remove the rear wheels. Towards the inside of the brake rotor you will notice bolts to remove the caliper. A 2000 Blazer should be disc brakes in the rear. Remove those bolts. A lot of times these can be tricky as the bolts tend to "Freeze" up. I have had an issue with them breaking off in the caliper bracket. If this happens you have to buy a new caliper bracket at the dealer or your local auto parts store may stock a "Loaded Caliper" which will be cheaper than the dealer. This will include brake pads, Caliper and Caliper Bracket. Remove the Caliper from the bracket and you will be able to remove the pads. If replacing or servicing the rotor is in order the the caliper Bracket will also need removed by the two bolts holding it. The rotor will slide off the hub. If you have ever done front disc brakes this works the exact same way. When assembling everything back together make sure to lube the caliper slides with brake lube. This is usually the reason for premature brake failure on these vehicles due to the caliper "Binding" up. Any question Message me. BRYAN!
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Hello Barron,

My question to you is, Just how mechanically inclined are you? My reason for asking is due to the safety issues when and while performing repairs on vehicles. It is very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing and even when you do know what you're doing. Many many shade tree mechanics have inflicted injury upon themselves due to selfishness, and trying to save a buck.

Tell you what. The best place to assist you with this, (if you want to learn on your own) would be your local Library. In the Library you'll find repair manuals on just about any vehicle, and it's free.

Let me know how that works out for you.

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