How Do I Replace A Chevy S10 Blazer Fuel Filter?


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Raise up and climb underneath it on the driver side frame rail it should be sitting right the door , two wrenches 25/32 and 5/8 remove it and just reinstall a new one .
Good luck
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This is very easy! The fuel filter is on the left frame rail just under the drivers seat.

One fitting is a screw on, the other is a simple plastic clip.

Take care with spilled gas, it does burn you know!
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I have a 96 S10 Blazer 4X4 with a 4.3 engine and do not know where the fuel filter is located.
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It depends on which filter you want to change. There are 2 filters, one along the frame, the drivers side, and the other is on the motor, just before the injection system. If its carborated the fuel filter will be along the frame, if its injected it will be on top of the motor. Theres 2 clamps that hold it in on both types that hold it in. If its along the frame, it will be a steel line into a rubber hose into filter then back into steel. Ifs its injected, it will be infront or back of the injecters.
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Go to the dealer if you can't do it!

Better it should be done correctly, even though you'll have to pay for it.

Don't you think it's better that you should pay for the repair up front and have it done correctly?
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Well you have to remove the tranny lines from the radiator, and then loosen the transmission mount, then remove the linkage for putting it in gear/ or if manual pop everything apart that way. The put a tranny jack under/around the tranny pan. Now you remove the bolts in the flywheel Then remove the bolts leading from the tranny housing into your motor block. Then jack it up to get the tranny mount out of its hole and then let down the jack and your done

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