How To Change Front Brake Pads On Renault Scenic?


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There are a few steps that you can carry out In order to change the front brake pads on a Renault Scenic. Before starting the process, you will need to ensure that you have the following equipment; a socket wrench, a socket set, a c-clamp, new brake pads, new brake motor, a tire wrench, a jack, two jack stands, brake parts cleaner and a thread locker. The brake pads should be checked regularly and changed when they reach a thickness of one eighth of an inch. If you are sure that you need to change your brake pads, you can follow the procedure below.

First, break the lug nuts loose on the wheel that you will be working on, i.e. One of the front two. Turn the lugs 40 degrees anticlockwise with the tire wrench. Next, raise the vehicle onto jack and lift up the front jack points that are located behind the radiator. You will then be able to remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel away from the wheel hub.

Place the C-clamp over the calliper assembly. You can then put the screw end of the clamp over the back of the outboard brake pad and the other end of the clamp can be placed over the back of the calliper. Then, tighten the clamp so that the calliper piston is forced into the calliper. Now remove the clamp from the calliper assembly when the piston bottoms out inside the calliper. This will be obvious as you will no longer be able to tighten the clamp.

Next, remove the upper and lower calliper mounting bolts that keep the calliper secured to wheel hub assembly. You will then be able to slide the calliper off the motor and remove the brake pads.  Insert the new brake pads and put the brake calliper back together. Use the thread locker on the threads of the mounting bolts and spray all of the components with the brake parts cleaner. Reattach the wheel and lower the car to the ground.

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