My Car Leaks Gas, What To Do?


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An obvious answer is to get it straight to a garage or your dealer. You need to be sure it is a gas leak also, and fully understand the other fluids that your car uses before deciding on what to do about it yourself. Cars contain oil, gasoline, coolant and brake fluid and before doing any fixing of your own, check the exact part that is damaged. This can be done by investigating under the hood of the car.

Finding the exact problem will also make it easier for a mechanic and thus cheaper for you. It doesn’t matter if you do not know the name of the part but it is always better to be able to point it out.

Finding where the leak is taking place is also a great start. Check underneath the car to ensure there is no leaking onto the ground which could be very serious. If you can’t see anything dripping, wait until the next time you go to your car and check the ground and note the position of the liquid.

If there is no clear indication of liquid leakage and it is merely just the scent of gas, you may need to change the air filters. Otherwise, fuel filters may also e need replaced.

If you are driving when you notice, make sure you have a tool kit with an assortment of screws. Stones may fly up and pierce the tank. Finding the hole should be pretty easy and inserting a screw can temporarily secure it.

Taking the car to its dealer will be more effective than just any old garage. They will know the car inside out so it will be quicker and parts will be more available. This will result in the repairs costing less.
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If the leak is so bad you maybe " MAYBE" able to detect the problem by visually inspecting under the tank, gas hose that connects to the tank, or from the gas neck where you pump gas, or if you have an external fuel pump that connects to the tank, all depends on what kind of car you are driving, there maybe lose clamps ( older model cars ) near the gas tank good luck , it is altogether safer if you take it to a shop where it can be thoroughly inspected.
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Don't drive the car. You should tow the car to a good workshop or dealer. If you drive the car then you are putting other people's life at risk. When you start the car the gas may catch the fire and destroy the car along with the person sitting in it. For this you can be sued for intentionally driving an insecure car.
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We smelled gas in car, took it home and put a bucket under where the gas was dripping it stoped a while later but the car wouldn't start. Then it started leaking again.
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Do not drive it ,because its really dangerous .drive to nearest repair shop or call around to shops get estimates they align a app. Time.Do not take to a dealer they will charge too much!
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You need to check see were or if tank is rusted out or has been hit the you can try an fix or just rep[lace it
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Fuel fittings and fuel lines are also common areas for gas leaks.
Gasoline may be coming from the back of the car from the tank. Or gas may be on
top of your engine near the injector lines or the fuel pump

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Get it checked by some specialist otherwise the problem will be solved just for few days. A professional will cure it permanently.

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You can take it to a repair shop and spend a lot of money, or you can do it yourself and save yourself about $200. Here is a quick guide on how to easily repair a leaking gas tank on your vehicle.

What You Will Need

  • Gas tank repair epoxy putty compound
  • Car jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Sandpaper
  • Rubbing Alcohol or other degreaser
  • Clean towel or rag
  • Vinyl or kitchen gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Filtration mask

Step 1 - Jack up the Vehicle

Step 2 - Find the Leak or Hole in the Gas Tank

Step 3 - Sand the Leaky Area of the Tank

Step 4 - Clean the Surface

Step 5 - Mix the Epoxy

Step 6 - Shape and Apply the Epoxy

Step 7 - Insert the Epoxy in the Hole

Step 8 - Fill the Tank with Gas

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If you are in Winnipeg and your car's gas is leaked. Firstly you should not drive the car. You should call the towing service who tow the car to a collision repair Winnipeg shop. If you drive the car then your life is at risk. When you start the car, maybe gas catch the fire and destroy everything including you. For this, you can be avoided to drive the car or reach a car repair shop.

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