Need Diagram To Reconnect Vacuum Hoses On A 1998 Honda Accord Ex 4 Cylinder?d To Reconnect


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The best, most cost-efficient way to deal with the question of how to reconnect the vacuum hoses in a Honda Accord EX4, or any other vehicle, is to label the hoses before taking them off. By marking the place where they belong with corresponding labels, it is then easy enough to match what goes where when reconnecting. If it is too late for this, the best place to start looking for a diagram will be the local library.

Most local libraries have a repair manual section, and the correct one should be easy enough to locate. Other places where manuals or diagrams may be found include;

  • Second hand book shops
  • Auto part stores
  • Large garages with attached part-stores
  • Honda dealers or repair shops
  • A fellow EX4 owner who happens to have one
Then of course, there is the most comprehensive of all resources; the World Wide Web. Somewhere out there is a manual just waiting to be downloaded. Whether this will be possible free of charge is another question, but there are definitely places where a whole host of manuals can be found.

This may require a little time and effort in doing some research. As a matter of fact, it may involve going through dozens of pages full of manuals for myriads of cars before the correct one can be located. Ultimately, however, it will be worth it. Getting a manual, either by downloading, ordering or purchasing from a shop will save a lot of time, hassle and possibly a lot of additional costs. In fact, the best bit of advice for anyone considering undertaking a major job on their vehicles is not to start unless sure it can be finished.

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