How Do You Fix A Petrol Car When Diesel Has Been Put In?


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larry cook answered
Drain all the diesel out change fuel filter put fresh gas in an try an start it might need to drain carb to an change spark plugs
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Terry Thompson answered
Diesel is not more combustible than gas. You could throw a lighted match in a bucket of diesel and it would go out. PLEASE DO TRY THIS I AM ONLY USING THIS AS A EXAMPLE. Diesel works by compression in a diesel motor. A gas motor uses gas as a mist with air and a spark for combustion. A gas motor cannot compress diesel fuel for it to run. If it is mixed with gas and most of it is gas it might run but it might damage your motor. all the diesel fuel will have to be removed from your tank, your lines, your fuel filter etc.
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Shalin Choksi answered
In very rare cases it happens that something might go wrong with your car such as the car might not start and even if it does it will not stay on for a long time. In case you are able to go a ahead that means some amount of petrol was already in the tank but which will not stay for long and the car will get halted in some distance. It is very important to remove the diesel out of it as your engine might get over heated due to the diesel as diesel is more combustible than petrol. The easiest way to remove the diesel is by using a pipe.

Take the pipe and put on end in the tank and the other in an empty bucket. The diesel will start flowing into the bucket. In case you do not know how to do it, you can take your car to your nearest gas station or to a mechanic and they will do it for free as it does not require much effort.

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