My Gas Leaks When Filling The Car But Once It's In, It Doesn't Leak. What Could It Be? I Have A 1998 Ford Explorer.


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Mark Henderson answered
This issue is not uncommon amongst Ford Explorer owners. Usually it means that the gasket around the top of the tank has malfunctioned, or the vent tube at the top of the fuel tank has broken.

Both of these design weaknesses are located at the top of the fuel tank, which explains why you only have a fuel leak when the tank is full.

Gas leaking when tank is filling or full.

If this is the problem then it is a relatively easy issue to deal with - however, if you are unsure about how to check or fix this problem, then you should take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it looked at properly.
If the gasket has failed, then again, you'll probably have to take the car into a garage, but if there is just a hole in the fuel tube then a simple bit of DIY should hold temporarily.

  • It is most probably just a small hole in the vent tube which can be patched up.
  • Use something that will create a good seal, such as a piece of a bicycle tyre inner tube.
  • Superglue this to the hole and seal it up with lots of duct tape.
  • This should stop the tube leaking.
If the car continues to leak, then it would be wise to take the vehicle to a trained mechanic.
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Sounds like the filler tube going into the tank has a leak. There is also an overflow line near the top of that tube. Crawl under the vehicle an inspect the situation - if there is a leak you should be able to see the evidence.
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beasty beastr answered
My guess would be that it is the hose leading from the filling port down to the tank. I would check that and, if it is, then replace it. Or you can take it to a local shop and it shouldn't be that much to have them run a diagnostics test.

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