How To Replace 2000 Ford Explorer Faulty Oil Pressure Sending Unit?


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Before attempting to replace the unit itself, you should check that all the wires are fully connected to the unit in your Ford Explorer. If the wiring is incomplete, or is not properly attached, you may experience problems with your oil pressure gauge. Wiring can come loose if you have been driving over particularly difficult off-road terrain, and as a result your oil pressure gauge or oil pressure sending unit may appear to be malfunctioning. You should also ensure that there are no issues with the switch - the switch can sometimes turn itself off if you travel over off-road terrain, or if your car comes into contact with another object.

If there are no problems with the wiring of the oil pressure sending unit in your 2000 Ford Explorer, or with the sending switch, then you may have a problem with your sending unit after all. The sending unit is located on the driver's side of the vehicle, towards the front. You may be able to view this more clearly from the front, than you can from above. You can identify the sending unit by the single green and white colored wire attached to it. Change the oil pressure sending unit using the following steps (please note that it is desirable to have your vehicle on a jack. If you are unsure of how to do this safely, there are a number of videos and tutorials on the internet).

• Remove the driver's side front tire by turning the lug nuts in a counter clockwise direction
• Locate the oil pressure unit, and push the wiring at the bottom of the sending unit inwards before pulling the wiring connector out from the bottom of the unit
• The head of the oil pressure sending unit should now be exposed, so use a wrench to loosen it, and remove it
• You can now screw in a new oil pressure sending unit

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