How Do You Replace Alternator On A 1995 Ford Explorer?


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Unbolt the alternator then unplug it. Plug the new one in and bolt it back up. Put all bolts on before tightening them all down.
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Rena Chisholm commented
I just don't assume that everyone is not mechanically inclined. Therefore, I did not want to insult this mans intelligence . I'm sure he does have some common sense and I believe if there was anything he didn't understand concerning the belt and tensioner he would have left a comment concerning this.
But obviously, he did have some mechanical abilities, because he had the option to mark the question as answered or leave it open. He chose to mark it answered.
I am on this site everyday and would have gotten back with him quickly , if he would have had any further problem.
I have a comment for you also. You are awfully quick to pass judgement on someone's answer when you know absolutely nothing about that person or the blurtit site.
I see you are new to this site, as of today and don't know squat about how the system works here, especially when it comes to automotive questions.
Let me enlighten you on something here. When you are trying to help someone repair their vehicle without actually being there, then it can sometimes be a step by step procedure, because it is impossible to know how much the question poster actually does or does not know, and in my opinion your comment Sucks!
Anonymous commented
haha, ok. no i don't know squat about this site. next time I'll just say get a haynes manual or figure it out yourself. but seriously anyone could have figured out what you said. why would anyone even ask if that's all there was to it. anyway i see blurtit is just for people who have too much free time and have a desire to be heard in one form or another. i don't really care. but now if someone who doesn't know that much about cars searches the archives for the same thing they will have a little better understanding. i already figured the original person who asked the question has it figured out by now since it was asked 4 months ago.
Rena Chisholm
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I must say, you have come to some pretty good conclusions about the site. Most of us do have too much time on our hands. Lol. Some of us are disabled and can't do much, so we come on to the blurtit site for several reasons. With me, it's mostly to have contact with the outside world and to keep my mind somewhere other than on the pain.
I will admit that I could have expounded on my answer a bit more. I answered this one the first week I was online. Not that, that is a good excuse, ha ha.The auto questions can be a bit tough sometimes though. I have answered some, then the person asking the question, (I suppose realizing that the question was not explained too well or maybe not wanting to embarrass themselves), I don't know. But they get a little testy when I give too much information. maybe they just don't like getting an answer on an automobile question from a female. Who knows.
My husband used to help me sometimes, he is in the business, but then he would answer stuff on transmissions, which I know almost nothing about, then the poster would come back with another question in the comment box, the next day, and I couldn't answer it. So we set him up his own page. He comes on once in a while, mostly on his day off work. Anyway, sorry I bit you.

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