Can I Rent A Car With A Permit?


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Janis Haskell answered

A permit isn't sufficient ... You need an actual driver's license to rent a car in the United States.

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It depends of your age. Legislation varies in different countries, but I can say that in every country there is a problem with renting cars if you are less than 21 or even 25. I went to Europe when I was 22 and I rented a car  here . This is one of those services that provides a car for young drivers. I think if they call or write a letter, then you can get a clear answer

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Heather Wyman answered
You can't rent a car in your name unless your have a valid driver's license and are 25 years old.
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That's not true. There are some companies that will rent to individuals under 18 years of age. They will charge you an underage rental fee, but at least you are allowed to rent a car under 21.

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