Where Can I Find 10or Gy Gear Oil? For My 150cc Scooter.


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You should find that your local motorcycle or scooter shop should stock GY gear oil. Therefore if you head down to the store and ask if they have any the chances are they will and if they don't they most probably will order some in for you if you put down some kind of small deposit.

If you are unsure of where your local motorcycle or scooter stores are based then it is worth checking your local phone directory. Head to the business section and look for the motorbike stores. You will find their contact number and also their full store address. You can then put this address into your sat nav or an online directions site such as maps.google.com

If you do not have a business directory then you can always go online and search for local stores this way. Simply do the following:

• head to google.com or yahoo.com • Type in the name of your town or city and the words motorcycle store
• Click on the store websites
• Click on the 'How to find us' or 'contact us' pages

You should also try eBay.com as you will find plenty of sellers listing GY gear oil for a reasonable price. You will find all the GY gear oil listings at the following address:

You may also find a lot of scooter forums online will have some very useful information and recommendations from fellow riders. This may be a good place to ask other questions related to your scooter.

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