How To Determine Engine Size From Vin Numbers?


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The easiest way to determine the engine size of a car on the spot is to call a dealer or a parts selling store quoting the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Alternatively, it can be determined through reading the VIN. The VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section) occupies from the tenth to the seventeenth position of the VIN and it is generally used to identify the individual vehicle in question. Even though it is often just a sequential number, it can include information on engine, transmission choices and options installed.
The engine number should be generally represented between the fourth and the eighth number of the VIS. What is probably most important when checking the engine size of a car in the case of a prospective purchase is to make sure the engine information found in the VIN corresponds to the one displayed on the front left hand side of the engine. If the numbers are different, it indicates that the engine has been replaced and this should be logged at all times.
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I have a 82 chevy truck what engine size do I have.  C1103227

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