How Do I Know If My Oil Sending Unit Is Bad?


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R Maye answered
You could have a bad oil pump, if the engine was ticking it wasn't getting any oil pressure. You need to get a manual gauge and flex line, take out the sensor and put the gauge in the hole and see if the pump has pressure. I wouldn't drive or run the vehicle until I checked this, I can damage the engine with no oil pressure.
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I have a 2003 mazda b3000 v6 truck and every time the engine get hot the oil pressure gage
goes crazy when I slow down and about to stop

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john landry answered
That depends on what year auto you have if its a newer model the check engine light will come on then you need it checked for a code witch will tell you if its an older model (before computers) your oil indicator light will be on (oil pressure makes light go off)

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